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JeffreyGroup New York

One Penn Plaza
36th Floor
New York, NY 10119
Tel: +1(212) 620-4100

Founder and Chairman:
Jeffrey Sharlach, Ext. 151

JeffreyGroup Miami (Headquarters)

1111 Lincoln Road, Eighth Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: +1(305) 860-1000

Chief Executive Officer:
Brian Burlingame, Ext. 103

Managing Director:
Asher Levine, Ext. 121

JeffreyGroup Mexico

Cordillera de los Andes 120, Piso 2
Col Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico City, Mexico CP 11000
Tel: +52 (55) 5281-1121

Managing Director:
Mauricio Gutiérrez, Ext. 201

JeffreyGroup Argentina

San Martín 674 3° A
Buenos Aires, C1004AAN, Argentina
Tel: +54 (11) 4328-3354

Regional Director, Market Leader Argentina:
Diego Campal, Ext. 18

JeffreyGroup Brazil

São Paulo
JeffreyGroup Brazil Headquarters

Rua Cláudio Soares 72, cj. 1501
Pinheiros - CEP 05422-030
São Paulo - SP
Tel: +55 (11) 3185-0800

Managing Director:
Rodrigo Pinotti, Ext. 828

Edificio Parque Cidade Corporate
SCS,QD 9, Torre C, 10º Room - 1017
Brasilia, DF
CEP 70308-200 Brazil
Tel: +55 (61) 3550-0699

General Director:
Clarissa Oliveira

Rio de Janeiro
Ed. Argentina, Praia de Botafogo, 228
16º andar - Sala 1601 Ala A
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
CEP 22250-040 Brazil
Tel: +55 (21) 3958-1245

Renata Busch

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Fake News and Post-Truth: How Companies and Brands Can Cope

In the past, you needed significant resources to publish an idea that would reach and potentially influence millions of people. But the onset of the digital ag...

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Multinationals Confront Anti-Globalization Challenges

Multinationals will continue to seek growth in international markets and should be prepared to manage the host of issues they may face abroad and at home. To do...

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The Surprising Power of Yellow Paper

It won´t ever be enough to do great work. To be successful in your communications campaign, you also must do something original.

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Why Data Analytics Will Transform Your Client Relationships

How do we avoid being run over by the data revolution?

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Know your markets

In the world of public relations, market and sector expertise are a must if you want to put yourself in the best position to support challenging client initiati...

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B2B Public Relations: Knowing Your Client’s Business

Often when people think about working in public relations, they imagine themselves staffing exclusive events and getting stories splashed on the cover of Rollin...

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The Power of Language

Imagine being lost in a land where the people speak a language that is completely foreign to you.

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Three tips for PR professionals working in the food and entertainment industry

At JeffreyGroup, I specialize in communications and editorial development for clients in the culinary and entertainment sectors.

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The Value of Staying Aware

One thing I’ve learned as a member of JeffreyGroup is the value of staying abreast of any developments that might affect my clients

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Social Analytics and the Human Factor: Leaving Ad Value in the Rearview

We live in an interesting transition phase for the public relations industry: digital has long overtaken print, and almost anyone with a passion and perseveranc...

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Opportunities in Times of Crisis: Why It's Time to Double-Down on Brazil

In a few months Brazil will host its second global sports event in two years when the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are held in Rio de Janeiro.

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Business Etiquette in Latin America

Having grown up in Latin America before moving to the United States, I’ve found that certain elements of culture can differ very much between the two regions....

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The PR Pro and the Journalist: How to Save a Marriage

Sometimes we in the public relations profession feel practically married to journalists, for better or for worse.

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The Advantage of Cultural Differences

Journalists sometimes receive hundreds of emails a day. So why would they want to open one from me?

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Understanding and Bridging the Cultural Divide

Many people mistakenly consider Latin America a homogenous entity instead of the complex mix of cultures and linguistic preferences it actually is. As someone w...

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Managing Communications in Latin America

There’s definitely a lot of interest and excitement about Latin America these days.

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My New Chair

Ordering a chair over the Internet didn’t seem like a particularly good idea; sort of like clothing, it’s probably best to try it in person. But I had seen ...

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“Word of Mouth” in the Digital Age

As we all know, the Internet is an accessible, all-in-one tool that allows people to obtain any information with just a single click.

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Stay or Go: Evaluating Positioning Opportunities

Events and speaking opportunities are important pillars of all communications strategies, offering the potential to open doors to new partnerships, clients and ...

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The Recipe to Successful Media Relations

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about cooking festive meals that will not only satisfy, but also impress, your friends and loved ...

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Lunching and Learning

I remember being three years old, sitting at the table in front of a cold bowl of soup I refused to eat. I rarely defied my father, but I chose that particular...

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Making Latin America Go Viral

Coming to JeffreyGroup was no accident, since my life has prepared me to promote Latin America.

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Lessons in Media Relations: Carnaval Style

I stood in line, fake diamonds hanging from my elaborate purple sequin outfit. With five-inch-heeled boots and 20 pounds of feathers on my back, I was ready to ...

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Five Tips for Enhancing Your Interpersonal Communication

I was born in Honduras and came to the US at the age of eight. What I remember most is the frustration I felt wanting to communicate in school and being unable ...

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Three PR Lessons Learned from the FIFA World Cup

As the FIFA World Cup unfolds in Brazil, fans from around the globe are witnessing the thrill of winning, the disappointment of losing and the drive and dedicat...

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Preparing for a Career in International PR

In the summer of 2011, I was living in Rocinha, Rio’s de Janeiro largest favela or “shantytown”. I had opted out of a traditional study abroad for the cha...

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Two phrases that will get you far in the corporate world: Please and thank you

We all know that to excel at any job you need to have a range of technical skills. While job hunting in college some time ago, I came across a career developme...

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When Michael Jackson died

One June winter evening several years ago in São Paulo, Brazil, I was at the lobby of our JeffreyGroup office waiting for our local managers to join me for din...

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The World Cup, A Corporate Legacy

From the time Brazil was chosen to hold the 2014 FIFA World Cup, there has been much discussion on what it should or could mean to the country for it to host th...

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Spoiler Alert: Millennials will change the PR world

Everyone is talking about millennials these days. Every week there seems to be a new article or story criticizing, questioning or praising this generation. Are...

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The Final Barrier

Study Shows Importance of Social Media in B2B Communications. When, in the mid 2000’s social media proved to be a powerful means of reaching potential cust...

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Online interaction between consumers and businesses is intense, and growing. In this survey made ​​exclusively with young web and social media "heavy users,...

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Social Networking in Latin America: The Personal Culture of Business

In Brazil and Latin America business is often done a bit differently. Culturally, it’s actually OK to connect on Facebook, to share photos of your kids, a vid...

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Think Locally

There is a distinction between a global strategy that is tweaked for local consumption and one that includes local knowledge, experience and input in its creati...

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The Communications Landscape in Brazil | Our Perspective

As the world’s fifth-largest country with 200 million people located in an area of more than 8 million square meters (3.2 million square miles), Brazil’s nu...

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Managing Communications in Mexico | Our Perspective

Over the last decade Mexico has experienced a remarkable evolution in marketing, corporate communications and public relations. In this increasingly democratic ...

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How To Move From Media Stalker To Valuable Source

We’re not stalkers, we just really need the media to publish our client’s news, right? After all, it’s important to us, shouldn’t it be important to the...

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Cyber Arms Race Heats Up for Media and Antivirus Firms

Since the discovery of the sophisticated cyber-saboteur worm Stuxnet in 2010, the world’s technology media has opened the floodgate on openly talking about th...

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Five Tips to Ensure Your Next Event is a Success

Brand managers, make the most of your event marketing strategy and execution the first time.

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To Effectively Communicate With Hispanics, Go to Those With Expertise

Would you visit your family’s general practitioner to examine your eyesight? The answer is probably no, because specialization is critical to taking care of ...

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Crisis Communication in the Age of Social Media

In the days before social media, a company’s crisis would play out something like this: company commits error, mainstream media reports it, the apology comes ...

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Providing Healthcare is Complicated and Expensive - Communications Isn't

Healthcare reform is complicated. Figuring out how to provide healthcare for millions of uninsured and underinsured patients is expensive. But merely providing...

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Businesspeople Should Study Communications

The biggest challenge in the PR business is finding talent. Traditionally, the sector has sought those with journalism and communications skills. Get people w...

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Chatting Without A Keyboard?

I was riding the subway in New York City last Sunday when a family of four got on the train. It looked like they had been out together to go to a museum or stre...

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Something Remarkable is Happening in Latin America

Most forecasts are predicting economic growth of more than 5% this year for Latin America overall. That means increasing numbers of Latin Americans rising above...

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The First Emerging Market

A fascinating 16-page special report in The Economist (September 11 issue) takes a look at the two-century-long roller coaster ride mixing of exaggerated optimi...

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And, on a Personal Note, Another Digital Divide...

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of evidence of a huge split between those who sit at the computer for work and those who don’t. For someone born in the 1950 I...

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