September 6, 2020


1. Senate Budget and Finance Committee agrees to debate 2021 budget in Senate next week

The Senate Budget and Finance commission backed the 2021 budget on Wednesday. The approval was based on questions made by legislators to Congressional Budget Office chief Marcos Makón regarding the projections made by the government for planning and their accuracy in light of the pandemic and the local economic crisis. The budget, which already has approval from the lower house, will be debated in the Senate next week before the IMF mission arrives to negotiate a new agreement with the government. The chances that this budget receives approval is high, given the government’s control of the Senate.

Perfil: El Senado avanzó con el dictamen del Presupuesto 2021 en un trámite exprés

2. President Alberto Fernández confirms purchase of Russian coronavirus vaccine

President Alberto Fernández confirmed that Argentina will purchase 25 million doses off the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Fernández announced that the first 10 million doses will arrive in December, while the remaining 15 million will arrive in January. According to the president, every piece of news regarding the vaccine will include notification of Argentina, as well as Russian health authorities and the WHO. Finally, President Fernández stated, “I trust that we are going to have the vaccine. Just as we are working with Russia, we area also working with other laboratories that are producing vaccines because we want to guarantee them for Argentines.”

Infobae: El Gobierno confirmó que la Argentina adquirirá 25 millones de dosis de la vacuna rusa contra el coronavirus

3. Economy Minister meets with business leaders

On Monday, Economy Minister Martín Guzmán met with representatives from Argentina’s largest businesses that form part of the Argentina Business Association (AEA). Following the meeting, the minister stated that, “our responsibility is that all economic sectors participate in the discussion, but we also have the responsibility to receive approval from business leaders regarding our management.” Regarding the exchange market, Guzmán stated that “we are building a type of bridge for stability in 60 to 90 days, as we work on a multi-year plan for macroeconomic stability that will be sent to Congress […] Over the last 11 days, the exchange rate situation has improved, the gap has shrunk, this was a topic that concerned us.”

La Nación: Martín Guzmán: “Los empresarios deben aceptar que nosotros tenemos la conducción”

4. Agreements reached on 2021 school year protocols

Education Minister Nicolás Trotta hosted a virtual meeting of the Federal Education Council. The country’s 24 educational jurisdictions, along with their ministers, reached an agreement on the organizational criteria of the 2021 school year. According to the agreement, classes next year will consist of a combination of in-person, remote and mixed classes, although each district will adapt their policies depending on the epidemiological situation. At the meeting, a protocol for the resumption of in-person classes for early education, special education and “guidelines for the accreditation and evaluation of instruction within the context of the pandemic” were also reached, as well as for students in their last year of vocational school.

La Voz del Interior: Las clases en 2021 combinarán modalidades presencial, remota y mixta

5. Government launches mining development for the next 30 years

Productive Development Minister Matías Kulfas led the launch of a strategic plan for the development of Argentina’s mining sector in the framework of public-private talks. The program aims to establish a balance between economic development, competition, environmental care, measured use of natural resources and social welfare. The planning committee is made up of provincial and national government entities, scientific institutes, labor unions, businesses, business chambers, academics, professionals and civil society groups. Their objective will be to facilitate the construction of a shared vision for the development of Argentina’s mining activities through a broad and multi-perspective process.

Ámbito Financiero: El Gobierno puso en marcha un plan de desarrollo minero para los próximos 30 años