Viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020


1. Mexico’s President proposes helping poorest nations in the G20

At the G20 meeting, which integrates the world’s 20 most economies, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentioned that the economic impact of the pandemic resulted in an increase in countries’ debts of approximately 20%. The representative called for middle-economy nations to have access to interest rates in developed countries.

President Andrés Manuel stressed that this increase in debt can become a problem for the economic stability and social wellbeing of nations, so he proposes that the poorest nations be reduced by the amount of debt. He stressed that his government has prioritized the poor and left behind the strategy of rescue to those above through the indebtedness of the people.

La Jornada: Propone AMLO ante el G-20 reducir deuda a países pobres

2. Temporary Staff Service could be an alternative to Outsourcing

Upon submission of an initiative regulating outsourcing, the Private Initiative, and the Mexican Association of Human Capital Enterprises (AMECH) will propose to the Government to create the Temporary Personnel Service figure as an alternative to the outsourcing ban. This figure makes temporary procurement in the predominant activities of companies, not yet for specialized services.

The proposal was born due to an agreement between President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the private sector to review article by article the initiative to reform the Law of Outsourcing. Next Monday, November 30, the privates will hold another meeting with the President of Mexico to review the modification submissions.

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3. The Bank of Mexico presents expectations for the coming years

The governor of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Díaz de León, stated that expectations of having a COVID-19 vaccine will favor the national economic recovery, resulting in inertial growth by 2022. Although the fall of GDP in 2020 will be 8.9%, growth of 3.3% is expected by 2021 and a rate of 2.6% by 2022.

Likewise, the governor stated that Mexico has a currency that must consider financial market shocks in inflation, as it is the second most operated emerging currency. It should be maintained to seek a balance by keeping the market attractive, absorbs external crashes and conducts to price stability, declared Díaz de León during his participation in the Emerging Markets Central Banking Summit.

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4. Rosario Robles will witness in the case of the Master Fraud

Rosario Robles, former holder of the Secretariat of Social Development and the Secretariat of Urban and Territorial Development, has determined the criterion of opportunity of the Attorney General’s Office in the investigation where she is accused of improper performance of public service for not reporting or avoiding the diversion of 5,073 million pesos from the Public Treasury.

Meanwhile, Emilio Zebadúa González, former official mayor of the Secretariat of Social Development and the Secretariat of Urban and Territorial Development, stated that Rosario Robles met every week with her collaborators to plan the diversion strategy of the Master Fraud. Zebadúa pointed out to Ramón Sosamontes as in charge of contacting the rectors of public universities and through them made subcontractors to divert resources.

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5. They celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in Mexico

November 25 is a day when women are reminded of the struggle they have and the unfinished business of governments and society to eradicate gender-based violence. Data from the Secretariat of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection shows that up to October 2020 there have been 801 femicides at the national level.

In this sense, data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography shows that 60% of women in Mexico have experienced some form of violence, 80% are afraid of being physically or verbally assaulted as they travel the streets, and every day, 32 girls between the 10 and 14 years old become mothers, victims of rape.

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