With the global population reaching the 8 billion mark, the debate around how we’ll continue to live and be affected by longevity, migration, and decentralization is growing. How can we ensure living conditions and equal rights for all? Whether they’re identified as business risks or opportunities, issues such as food securityclimate justice and pressure on resources must be considered in the strategic planning of companies seeking sustainable growth.

Brands and Causes

Our Vision: When promoting products, services, and commitments that are connected with environmental and social causes, brands need to evaluate their own campaign impacts so that marketing actions are consistent with practices.
Our Reading List: GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, has created a coalition of 20 clients committed to accelerating the decarbonization of the world’s media supply chain. The world’s leading festival of creativity and communication, Cannes Lions, announced the inclusion of sustainability and diversity criteria in its awards.

Sustainable Finance

Our Vision: Social and climate risks are financial risks, and adapting business to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices has become a criteria for accessing credit and attracting investors.
Our Reading List: For the first time, the Priciples of Responsible Investment (PRI) has released a list of investors and companies that are engaged in social issues and human rights. The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) will have carbon accounting for all loans. To help investors identify how the assets in their portfolio are aligned with climate risk targets, Bloomberg has created an indicator analysis tool. The ESG Integrated Disclosure Project, which is led by alternative asset managers, has made a template for standardizing disclosure of ESG data available to companies.

Corporate Sustainability

Our Vision: The production chain accounts for 11 times the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the company’s own operations. That’s why engaging suppliers is fundamental to meeting net zero targets.
Our Reading List: BMW and Ford created specific programs for their suppliers when faced with the challenge of involving them in their sustainable commitments. Volkswagen is improving its entire value chain by making bioenergy hybrid cars at affordable prices.

Deep Dive

In the book “8 Billion and Counting: How Sex, Death and Migration Have Shaped Our World” Jennifer Sciubba presents an overview of global demographic trends and the impacts on the planet.