March 11th, 2022


1. Alckmin joins PSB and could be Lula’s VP candidate

The former governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, agreed last Monday (March 7) to join the PSB (Brazilian Socialist Party) as vice-president in Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s (PT) ticket for this year’s elections. Alckmin’s membership was confirmed during a meeting at a hotel in São Paulo. PSB National President Carlos Siqueira, Mayor of Recife João Campos, former São Paulo Governor Márcio França and former mayor of Campinas João Donizete were also present at the event. The party will hold a membership ceremony with Lula’s presence to announce the PT/PSB ticket before the 20th of this month.

Folha de S.Paulo: Alckmin define filiação ao PSB para ser vice de Lula
Veja: Alckmin finalmente diz ao PSB que irá se filiar ao partido
CNN: Alckmin se reúne com PSB e sela filiação ao partido

2. Bolsonaro discusses fuel prices with ministers

On Wednesday (3/9), President Jair Bolsonaro met with ministers and the president of the Central Bank to discuss measures to contain fuel prices, which have risen recently as a result of the war in Ukraine. One of the possibilities discussed is a temporary subsidy – of at least three months – to curb prices. This week, Bolsonaro criticized once again the pricing policy of Petrobras, which matches fuel prices in the country with the price of oil in the international market.

R7: Bolsonaro se reúne com ministros para discutir alta dos combustíveis
O Estado de S. Paulo: Bolsonaro cancela viagem e convoca ministros para reunião sobre combustíveis
G1: Com alta do petróleo, Governo estuda subsídio de curto prazo para combustíveis

3. Chamber of Deputies approves urgent status of bill to mine indigenous land

On Wednesday (3/9), the House of Representatives approved the urgent voting of the bill to allow mining of indigenous land. The approval of the urgent status means that the bill will move faster through Congress and will be voted on directly by the House of Representatives, without having to first be assessed by technical committees. Before this approval, House of Representatives’ president Arthur Lira (PP/AL) announced that a group would be created to analyze the bill. The project is the target of criticism from civil society organizations, government opponents, and groups of artists. On the same day, members of these three groups held a protest in front of the National Congress.

G1: Câmara aprova urgência para votação de projeto sobre mineração em terras indígenas
Câmara acelera tramitação de projeto que libera mineração em terra indígena
Folha de S.Paulo:
Artistas e movimentos sociais protestam em Brasília contra desmonte ambiental

4. In an election year, Bolsonaro tries to approach female voters

Taking advantage of the celebrations for Women’s Month, President Jair Bolsonaro is making nods to the female electorate to reduce his rejection percentage. According to a Datafolha poll published in December, Bolsonaro’s rejection rate among women is 60%. Last Tuesday (8/3), on International Women’s Day, the president participated, along with first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, in the raising of the flag at the Alvorada Palace, as well as a special ceremony on the date at the Planalto Palace. In addition, throughout the month of March, Bolsonaro said he will invite women to his weekly broadcasts on social networks. According to the president, “women are practically integrated into society.

O Globo: Em ano eleitoral, Bolsonaro amplia acenos para eleitorado feminino e tenta diminuir rejeição
Isto É Dinheiro: Bolsonaro faz evento com mulheres para tentar reduzir desaprovação de eleitoras
Terra: Bolsonaro diz que mulheres estão ‘praticamente integradas à sociedade’

5. Brazilian Air Force plane returns with citizens rescued from Ukraine

On Thursday (3/10), a Brazilian Air Force plane sent to rescue Brazilians in Ukraine arrived back in Recife (PE). The plane left Poland on Wednesday (3/9) with 42 Brazilians, 20 Ukrainians, five Argentinians and one Colombian. Out of the 68 people on board, 14 were children. In addition to eight dogs and two cats. Another airplane landed in Brazil a few hours before with 11 other people who had been rescued. After the planes arrived, Chief of Staff Minister Ciro Nogueira (PP) said that “with the support of Brazilian airlines, we will take every passenger back to their homes.”

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