JeffreyGroup: Companies Compelled to Deliver on the ESG Agenda


Consumers and investors have been more demanding about companies’ adherence to these guidelines, says JeffreyGroup CEO Brian Burlingame

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ESG guidelines have gained relevance

One of the main strategic changes that the pandemic (and the post-pandemic) has brought to large corporations, both European and American, is that ESG guidelines have entered the agenda for good. This is the assessment of Brian Burlingame, CEO of marketing and communication company JeffreyGroup, in an exclusive interview with Forbes Brasil.

Originally dedicated to corporate communication, the group recently expanded its operations to activities related to image management and data use. This guarantees Burlingame and his team more visibility on the strategy of the companies that it services.

ESG guidelines, as well as the deepening of financial activities (known by the English term “financial deepening”) have gained relevance. “Adherence to these practices is increasingly important in investor assessment,” says Burlingame.

This is due to the diversification of risks that occurred in 2022. The best example is the war in Ukraine, the first conflict in Europe in 77 years. And the biggest economic impact of the Russian invasion, which was the reduction in oil and gas supplies to Europe, had a profound impact on the economy.

Before this occurred, few risk maps even considered these possibilities. “In this scenario, you need to help customers make better decisions,” says Burlingame. And the demand from investors and consumers regarding companies’ adherence to these principles has increased.


The group is expanding. In September, the company was acquired by Hill+Knowlton Strategies, doubling its presence in Latin America, with an agency in Miami and offices in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The JeffreyGroup will continue to operate as a separate brand in Latin America.

Excerpt from an article originally published by Forbes Brasil on November 27, 2022