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The Right Shoes for Sustainability

“The seven dirty shoes,” an essay by internationally-acclaimed author Mia Couto’s, is gaining popularity because…

“Brand journalism”: Applying the principles of journalism to brand promotion

Whether through the creation of unique or clever brand identity elements (slogans, logos, etc.), or…

Say Good-Bye to the Head of Digital

It is no secret that the corporate communications function has been redefined over the past…

Fake News and Post-Truth: How Companies and Brands Can Cope

Although the term “Fake News” quickly became popular during and following the 2016 U.S. presidential…

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JeffreyGroup Named Latin America Agency Of The Year

MEXICO CITY – At the 2019 Latin America SABRE Awards ceremony in Mexico City, JeffreyGroup…

BMW Group Latin America chooses JeffreyGroup as its new Corporate Communication and Public Relations agency

Starting August 1, the specialized firm with a presence in Latin America will be responsible…

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