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“Brand journalism”: Applying the principles of journalism to brand promotion

Whether through the creation of unique or clever brand identity elements (slogans, logos, etc.), or…

Say Good-Bye to the Head of Digital

It is no secret that the corporate communications function has been redefined over the past…

Fake News and Post-Truth: How Companies and Brands Can Cope

Although the term “Fake News” quickly became popular during and following the 2016 U.S. presidential…

Politics in the Digital Realm: Challenges and Opportunities

With Mexico’s presidential election fast approaching, campaign advertising has inundated the country, across every kind…

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From Mad Men to Artificial Intelligence: the Evolution of Corporate Communication

In the 60s, or the era in which the successful series Mad Men took place, it was…

JeffreyGroup Leads 2018 LatAm SABRE Winners

MEXICO CITY—Latin American network The Jeffrey Group has picked up six Diamond and Gold SABRE…

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