August 06th, 2021


1. Popular consultation fails with 7% participation

The Popular Consultation, in which citizens were asked if they agreed to prosecute former Presidents for their actions during their terms, was held on Sunday August 1st. For the exercise to be binding, it was required that 40% of the persons registered in the nominal list participated; however, only 7.11% did. The consultation revived the support that the President has had in the center and south of the country, since it was in this part of the Mexican territory where there was more participation. Tabasco, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Campeche stood out.

Human Rights collectives spoke out in favor of the consultation, since they considered it could reopen the conversation of the campaign promises of the now President López Obrador to do justice for the damages that their families have suffered. After this exercise, the debate on carrying out the consultation on the revocation of the mandate was rekindled, which, according to Senator Ricardo Monreal, could be included in the extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies to vote on a reform that regulates it.

Forbes: La consulta popular revive apoyo a AMLO; estados del sur son los que más participaron y Morena busca incluir revocación de mandato en periodo extraordinario de Diputados.
El Universal: INE confirma resultado final de la consulta popular: participación fue de 7.11%.
Corriente Alterna: Víctimas y defensores de derechos humanos ante la consulta popular.

2. Gas carriers ask for an “even floor” for all companies

Workers in the LP gas sector in Mexico City and the State of Mexico went into operational strike because the Government decided to cap the price of this hydrocarbon. President López Obrador announced the possibility of suing commission agents who deny the service, as well as guarding with elements of the National Guard the trucks and pipes of those who do decide to give the service. Given this, a strike lift was announced.

José Adrián Rodríguez, President of the Union of Gas Companies, insisted on the need to dialogue with the authorities to reach a final agreement on the new fuel price caps, since the current scheme has reduced their profits to a minimum. The government guideline placed the maximum price of LP gas 10% below the prices reported by the fuel distributors on June 30 of this year.

Excélsior: El Gobierno no cede y gaseros levantan paro. Rebeldes piden diálogo ante nuevas tarifas.
Milenio: Gaseros ponen fin a paro en Valle de México: restablecen suministro.
Expansión: El regulador topa el precio del gas LP 10% debajo del precio registrado en junio.

3. José Luis Vargas is dismissed as President of the Electoral Tribunal

Five of the seven magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) approved the removal of its President, José Luis Vargas Valdez, due to non-compliance with his constitutional, legal, and regulatory obligations. In his place, Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón was appointed. During the session, which was headed by magistrate Janine Otálora, it was agreed that Vargas Valdés had lost confidence, in addition to being reproached for addressing the magistrates without respect.

The former President is being investigated for laundering more than MXN $30 million (USD$1.5 million), allegedly obtained through acts of corruption. President López Obrador asserted that this situation reflects a crisis and decomposition in the TEPJF, which is why it is essential to reform it along with the National Electoral Institute (INE). He added that, out of respect for the citizens, all magistrates should resign.

Animal Político: Mayoría de magistrados nombran nuevo presidente del Tribunal Electoral; Vargas presentará controversia ante la Corte.
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4. Mexico sues U.S. arms manufacturers

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations, announced that the Government of Mexico filed a civil claim for damages before the US Court against arms manufacturing companies in that country. He accused these companies of negligent practices and of being aware that their products are illegally trafficked in Mexico, which has caused direct and indirect damage to the country.

In this regard, the Industrial Association of the Arms Trade (NSSF) stated that all firearms that are sold at retail in the United States are marketed in accordance with federal and state laws under the scrutiny of the FBI. Furthermore, it argued that the accusations of cross-border wholesale trafficking are “evidently false”.

El Heraldo de México: México demanda a compañías de armas de EU y Asociación de Armas de EU rechaza demanda y responsabiliza al Gobierno de México. 

5. Mexico will host negotiations between the Venezuelan Government and the opposition

President López Obrador confirmed that Mexico will host the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition on August 13. He explained that Norway had proposed Mexico as the venue to carry out the negotiations, which was accepted by the Mexican Foreign Ministry. The conversation will be mediated by international actors with the support of Norway, a country that was a facilitator in a previous negotiation attempt in 2019.

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, as well as the opposition Leopoldo López, leader of the Popular Will party, have confirmed their participation in the meeting. The meeting’s agenda will focus on the lifting of US and European sanctions on the institutions of this country, such as the Central Bank. The Venezuelan government will seek the recognition of the institutions that have tried to be delegitimized by the opposition.

Actualidad RT: México confirma que será la sede de las negociaciones entre el Gobierno y la oposición venezolana.
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