March 29, 2019


1. President López Obrador and President Trump confront each other over immigration issues

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened once again to shut down the border after declaring that Mexico is not doing its part to prevent immigration into the United States, in light of a new migrant caravan of 20,000 people forming in Honduras.

President López Obrador seemed to respect the perspective of his American counterpart and assured that Mexico will halt the flow of migrants by offering them work visas, employment opportunities and social programs.

El Universal: AMLO y Trump tienen primer desencuentro

2. President López Obrador asks King of Spain to apologize for crimes committed during the conquer

President López Obrador sent a letter to Felipe VI, King of Spain, asking him to apologize for the crimes committed during the conquest of the Americas. The Spanish government rejected the petition, opting instead to promote better bilateral relations. Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard concurred with the Spanish Government’s position, also calling for improved relations.

Aristegui Noticias: AMLO pide al Rey de España que se disculpe por los abusos de la conquista

3. Committees in Mexican House of Representatives approve education bill

After weeks of protests against the education bill led by the National Teacher’s Union, the Committees of Education and Constitutional Issues approved the education bill.

It is expected that issues such as hiring, promoting and acknowledgment of teachers will be key points debated when the bill reaches the House of Representatives.

La Jornada: Aprueban diputados en comisiones la reforma educativa

4. Mexican Senate removes presidential and congressional immunity

Mexico’s Senate approved President López Obrador’s bill that removes presidential and legislative immunity – known as the “fuero” – and will allow members of Congress to be tried.

The constitutional amendment intends to help fight corruption and impunity in the country, as both the President and Congress can now be prosecuted for high crimes such as forced disappearance, fuel theft and treason.

Forbes: Senado aprueba quitar fuero a presidente y legisladores

5. Federal Government halts 3 billion dollars investment in Special Economic Zones

Former President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration agreed to allow 11 domestic and foreign companies to facilitate investment in priority areas known as Special Economic Zones, located primarily in southern Mexico, and contribute to their growth.

These companies have raised a total of USD $3 billion to invest in these areas, and now wait for the Federal Government’s green light to commence construction of public works – as President López Obrador’s administration halted this initiative to further analyze it.

El Economista:  Inversión de 3,000 millones de dólares en ZEE, detenida