October 11, 2019


1. Mexican Congress approves Austerity Law

The Chamber of Deputies approved the Republican Austerity Federal Law and other reforms to the Federal Law of Administrative Responsibilities and Federal Law on Budget and Treasury Responsibility. The initiative approved by Congress will pass to the executive branch for its approval and enactment.

Notable modifications include lower pensions for former presidents, a ban on contracting private medical insurance with public resources and the elimination of a revolving door for public servants with privileged information to be hired by companies in regulated sectors.

Milenio: Diputados aprueban Ley de Austeridad; va al Ejecutivo

2. U.S. representatives meet with the President of Mexico to address USMCA

A delegation of U.S. Democratic party representatives met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss issues like USMCA and the proposed Mexican labor reform.

The U.S. delegation headed by Richard Neal was convinced of the Mexican government’s intentions with the labor-related commitments that USMCA requires, but representatives requested actual implementation these changes. On the other hand, the President of México announced that he will send a letter to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in a bid for USMCA approval in the U.S. House of Representatives.

El Economista: EU se erige como auditor de reforma laboral mexicana

3. Discussion on the Mexican pension system will begin

In the context of a pension system reform in Mexico, the Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit, Arturo Herrera,  said that the age of retirement nor the mandatory contribution rate will increase if it is not agreed to by Mexican workers, but did not outright reject those measures for future consideration.

Arturo Herrera has declared that the pension matter needs to be solved jointly among pension funds, corporate entities, and workers. Discussions on a savings system for retirement are currently underway in the Chamber of Deputies.

El Financiero: La edad de retiro subiría en el futuro: Herrera

4. Supreme Court chief comes forward regarding pressure from Calderón administration

The Minister-President of the Mexican Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, offered a press conference in which he revealed pressure from former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa regarding several important cases. Among these cases include the ABC daycare tragedy, where Arturo Zaldívar blamed federal and state functionaries in a fire that killed 49 children, and after the liberation of Florence Cassez, a French woman convicted of kidnapping and organized crime.

During the press conference, Minister Arturo Zaldívar refused to comment on the resignation of Minister Eduardo Medina Mora, and expressed his wish that the vacancy in the Supreme Court be granted to a woman, in addition to sending a message against corruption.

El Universal: Presión de Calderón fue en casos ABC y Cassez: Zaldívar 

5. Information about Santa Lucía Airport to be withheld for five years

The Secretary of National Defense, who is in charge of building the New Santa Lucía Airport, decided to put information about the design, building, operation and finances of the project on hold for five years. President López Obrador expressed that the withholding of information stemmed from the legal procedures against the construction of the airport.

The president said that once the legal appeals procedures against the Santa Lucía Airport end, the government will release the information. The appeals against the new airport project in Santa Lucía were promoted by social groups including, “No More Wastes” and “United Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity,” who the president accused of “pursuing political interests” and asked them to explain their interests against the build of the project.

El Economista: Se transparentará información de Santa Lucía una vez que se resuelvan los amparos: AMLO