October 29th, 2021


1. The 10 crimes of Bolsonaro: CPI hands Aras the final report

After 5 months and 29 days of investigations and depositions, the COVID CPI has come to an end. The final report has been delivered to Prosecutor General Augusto Aras.

The document was approved by 7 to 4 votes by members of the CPI. It recommends the indictment of 78 people and two companies. President Jair Bolsonaro, who is one of the main people indicted, is mentioned 80 times and accused of 10 crimes: epidemic resulting in death, infraction of preventive sanitary measures, quackery, falsification of a private document, misuse of public funds, prevarication, crimes against humanity (extermination, persecution and inhumane acts), crimes of responsibility (violation of social right and lack of dignity, honor and decorum that the position requires).

Augusto Aras has 30 days to analyze the report: “This CPI has already produced results. We have accusations, legal actions, authorities that have been removed from office and many investigations that are still ongoing. Now, with these new pieces of information, we can advance investigations into authorities and take them to superior courts.”

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2. Social networks delete Bolsonaro’s video after he claimed vaccines caused AIDS

President Jair Bolsonaro’s regular Thursday live streams frequently cause problems due to his lies or controversial opinions. However, on his latest broadcast, he crossed a line – at least according to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Bolsonaro claimed that the COVID vaccines could cause people to develop AIDS. The lie led YouTube to drop his live stream and ban the President from the platform for a week, forbidden to post videos.

The same happened on Facebook and Instagram. The video was deleted and can no longer be found on these platforms.

After the President’s statement, the COVID CPI also requested that the networks delete Bolsonaro’s profiles. According to the Commission, “the increase in fake news and crimes against public health” of Bolsonaro reached a tipping point on Thursday.

Politicians and scientist have also criticized the President’s statement. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), Vice President of the CPI, posted on his social media: “Fake News kills. A president that committed crimes against humanity also kills!”

Microbiologist Natalia Pasternak took to Twitter to note that no vaccines cause AIDS.

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3. COP26 begins this weekend

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference begins this weekend in Glasgow, Scotland. The Brazilian federal government is planning to bring forward a positive agenda, saying that Brazil is one of the few countries capable of having a green economy.

“In the next few years, the expansion of sustainable and resilient agriculture will result in even greater gains in productivity. Through sustainable initiatives, Brazil will continue to strengthen farming, one of the sectors that is most vulnerable to climate change,” said Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina, who believes that Brazil is an agri-environmental power.

However, the image the minister is trying to convey is questionable. In a hearing at the Chamber of Deputies, during a commission on COP26, environmental organizations criticized the administration’s environmental goals. Natalie Unterstell, president of Instituto Talanoa, said the administration has announced worse environmental goals than those announced in 2015: “The United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, is publishing the Emissions Gap Report, an annual report on emissions. For the first time, the report brings an analysis on contributions from the 20 largest countries and the 20 largest economies – the G20. Brazil is the only member that had a regression of goals compared to those presented in the Paris Agreement.”

Although 12 governors have already confirmed their participation in the event, it is not clear if President Jair Bolsonaro will go to Scotland. Brazil will have the second largest entourage at COP26.

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4. 22 million without help: emergency aid program ends in November

The last instalment of the emergency aid -distributed as a relief measure during the COVID-19 pandemic- was paid in October. From November, more than 22 million people will no longer receive this help. The administration plans to combine the emergency aid with the Bolsa Família plan to create a new benefit program – Auxílio Brasil. However, these 22 million people will not be eligible for the new aid program.

The Ministry of Citizenship released a statement saying: “The federal government will readjust the amount paid by Bolsa Família and will grant additional funds from Auxílio Brasil, ensuring at least R$400 for each family, following fiscal responsibility limits.”

As well as insufficient coverage, the benefit has been criticized for the amount it offers. R$400 is not enough to buy basic items in Brazilian state capitals, according to DIEESE (Departamento Intersindical de Estatística e Estudos Socioeconômicos). The cheapest set of basic items in Brazil can be found in Aracaju at R$454. The most expensive is in São Paulo, at R$673.45.

The person responsible for the benefit has criticized the Ministry of the Economy. Marcelo Aro (PHS-MG) says the economy team is lost and has no idea what to do with the program. “It is scary that the Ministry of Economy is quiet about this,” he said. “I don’t think they are quiet out of spite. I think it’s because they don’t know what they’ll do. I think they are completely lost. They are trying to find a solution for the problem. That is what is happening.”

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5. Increase in fuel prices results in double-digit inflation rates

There has clearly been an increase in fuel prices in 2021. Since the beginning of the year, Petrobras has increased the price of gasoline by 74% and the price of diesel by 64.7% (referring to pure fuel, without the mandatory 27% of ethanol in gasoline or biodiesel for diesel).

The immediate result of this increase is anger from drivers and truckers. The secondary result will be the increase in the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) by the end of the year. Fuel prices also affect freight prices and transportation fares.

Experts believe the IPCA could end the year above two digits. “Gasoline prices will take inflation rates above 10%. It is hard to predict the price of oil and of the American dollar. However, due to the difference in national and international prices, we can expect increases,” says Mauro Rochlin, a professor at FGV.

Drivers have already been struggling with an inflation rate of 18.46% in the last 12 months. A study by IBRE/FGV reveals that the “driver inflation” – which takes into account fuel prices, maintenance and parking prices – has reached the highest percentage since the turn of the century.

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