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Global social inequality worsened last year. Half of the world’s population owns less than 2% of global wealth while the Consumers are watching the way brands communicate, not just the messages they convey. This means going beyond supporting causes and using channels that are also engaged in creating a better world. In response, marketing investments can be directed to technologies that ensure more sustainable and transparent marketing. These are some trends for 2022 highlighted in studies by Dentsu and Euromonitor that reveal a consumer who expects carbon neutral products and quick access to information on demand. 

Brands and Causes

Our Vision: Integrating innovation to drive sustainable practices in supply chains has helped reposition traditional brands to face the new activist consumer. 

Our Reading List: Fashion giant Kering, owner of luxury brands Gucci and Saint Laurent,, announced it will eliminate leather from its brands beginning with the Fall 2022 collection. Some brands, such as Prada and Moncler have created logos that highlight the adoption of circular economy solutions. Specifically, slow fashion is gaining visibility. This movement values decelerated production in respect to the environment and the working conditions of industry professionals. Follow the sector’s initiatives on the Fashion for Good platform. 

Sustainable Finance

Our Vision: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) indexes are being consolidated as criteria for evaluating company performance. 

Our Reading List: The companies considered the most sustainable are also the ones with the highest return to investors. This is exhibited in the 18th annual Corporate Knights ranking, which analyzes nearly 7,000 publicly traded companies. And, for the first time, the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) disclosed the ranking of companies that make up its Corporate Sustainability Index. 

Corporate Sustainability

Our Vision: The use of internationally recognized frameworks, standards, and guidelines to report on indicators is an effective way of lending credibility to company initiatives. 

Our Reading List: With the acceleration of company initiatives and commitments, a new challenge arises: gaining the trust of society. A report developed by the New Climate Institute and Carbon Market Watch presents a detailed and critical reading of commitments made by 25 major corporations, including Apple, Walmart and Google. The fears are shared by the Science Based Targets initiative

Deep Dive

In this year’s World Economic Forum global risks report, there are four concerns that top the list in the short (up to 2 years) and medium term (up to 5 years): extreme weather events, livelihood crises, failure of climate action, and social cohesion erosion. 

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