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Environmental scientists point to recent natural events such as heat waves in North America and torrential rains in Europe as examples of the impact high CO2 emissions have on the atmosphere, sea temperature, weather, and our daily lives. One study linked 5 million deaths per year to climate change.

Addressing climate change is not the sole purview of governments. The business sector, civil society organizations, and communities are also working to meet the current generation’s needs without compromising our successors’ futures.

Brands and Causes

Our Vision: Companies are concerned about their futures because the impacts of extreme events can develop over both the short and long-term. Beyond holding investors accountable, consumers want solutions with less negative environmental impacts.

Our reading list: Nestle is entering the farmed meat market. Seeking to keep up with its competitors, Microsoft is launching products tailored to sustainability professionals that help companies track their greenhouse gas emission reductions. Unilever is pursuing greener alternatives to increase the profitability of its cleaning products portfolio.

Sustainable Finance

Our vision: The financial markets exert strong influence on concept acceptance, support, and innovation, including social and environmental initiatives.

Europe launched several initiatives to promote a more sustainable financial system that facilitates investments aligned with combating climate change. Meanwhile, China launched a national carbon market, an international C02 emission breakthrough.

Corporate Sustainability

Our vision: In addition to external changes (climate change), companies are also dealing with internal shifts related to social issues. Consumers are demanding more answers about corporate inclusion, diversity, sexual harassment, and overall working conditions. These are sensitive topics which, depending on how they are addressed, may have positive or negative effects on brand and corporate reputations.

Our reading list: Many companies are assessing the financial impacts they may suffer if they do not include social concerns in their strategies. A new study analyzes similarities between more inclusive companies.

Deep Dive

This edition’s deep dive does not require scuba gear! We included this quiz to test your climate change knowledge.

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