The JeffreyGroup Way

The standards and practices of a global firm — the personalized service of a smaller agency.

Potential clients often ask us what makes JeffreyGroup different. It’s a fair question. After all, there are many agencies with international offices providing substantially the same communications consulting services. But since our founding, JeffreyGroup was established to be different. That’s why we created the JeffreyGroup Way – the philosophy and principles that guide our approach to providing world-class marketing and communications consulting services and help us maintain successful, long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest companies and best-known brands. Each professional that joins our company receives an orientation on the JeffreyGroup Way along with continual training and coaching to ensure the application of these principles and practices in our daily work.


Like our clients, we operate within a dynamic environment where the only certainty is constant change. But one thing that doesn’t change is our commitment to the highest standards of client service, with account teams that respond quickly to any needs and who understand your business well-enough to anticipate them.


We’ve been successfully serving top global companies and brands since 1993, and not only understand the demands of these world-class clients but are accustomed to exceeding their high expectations. Although perfection may be unattainable, we never stop trying.


Our winning strategic approach begins with understanding your objectives and what success will look like so we can proactively come up with ideas and not just wait for your requests. And we continuously gather, analyze and measure the results against your investment.


Latin America has been our business since 1993. These markets are not an add-on or afterthought for us – we’ve dedicated all of our resources and energy to becoming the leading agency with this unique focus, delivering fresh, innovative solutions and ideas.


We continuously innovate, evolve, and adapt to help our clients meet the challenges of the moment. By focusing on the “thinking” before the “things”, we promote a creative and multidisciplinary approach to generating the best ideas and solutions, while working collaboratively with multinational teams and existing client-agency relationships.